How to Connect Linksys AC1200 WiFi Range Extender to Router?

 Linksys AC1200 WiFi Range Extender

How to Connect Linksys AC1200 WiFi Range Extender to Router?

Linksys AC1200 extender is a dual-band wireless range extender repeats your home router’s wireless signals. WiFi extender provides the WiFi signals from the home WiFi router and carries forward it in boosted form. Every standard WiFi extender is designed with one purpose to blanket almost every corner with the internet. Linksys AC1200 extender covers up to 10,000 square feet. Linksys AC1200 WiFi range extender setup is every easy. No installation CD is required.

You can stream HD-quality videos and play online games without any lag. Thanks to AC wireless technology for fast and reliable wired/wireless connections. The gigabit ethernet ports offer speeds 10x faster than standard fast-ethernet ports.

Linksys AC1200 WiFi Range Extender Setup Guide

For Linksys AC1200 extender setup, consider the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Firstly, place your Linksys WiFi extender near to your home WiFi router.
  2. Then, take an ethernet cable and try to connect it to WiFi range extender and router.
  3. Turn on your home WiFi router and wait until the all LEDs turns solid.
  4. Take another ethernet cable and connect your desktop or laptop to your home WiFi router.
  5. Plug-in your Linksys AC1200 extender to an electric power source and turn it on.
  6. Wait for a few minutes, let the extender’s LED turns from amber/orange to solid green.
  7. Run any web browser and visit web page.
  8. You are prompted to Linksys extender login web page.
  9. Enter the default WiFi range extender credentials, and then hit on the ‘Log In’ button.
  10. You land on Linksys extender admin panel.
  11. Select the ‘Extender Mode’ option.
  12. Step-by-step follow on-screen instructions to configure your WiFi range extender.
  13. Once done, hit on the ‘Apply’ button to save the changes.
  14. Unplug the WiFi extender and place it to a new location.
  15. Try to connect your desktop, laptop, or smartphone with the extended network to test the internet connection.

Congrats! You are done here with Linksys AC1200 WiFi range extender setup process. Are you still in doubt or struggling with Linksys extender setup? Then get in touch with our experts.

Linksys AC1200 Extender is Not Broadcasting Network SSID. Why?

If your Linksys AC1200 WiFi range extender is not broadcasting the WiFi network SSID, you can consider the underneath steps:

  • Try to Reboot your WiFi Extender

To provoke your home wireless network without cleaning any personalized wireless settings, perform a reboot. Linksys AC1200 Extender setup To do so, plug out or turn off the switch the Linksys extender and home WiFi router. Wait for a few minutes and plug it back in.

  • Check If Your Desktop Ping the WiFi Extender

Try to perform a ping test using your desktop’s command prompt. Press the Windows + R key. Type CMD and press the ‘Enter’ key. Now, type ‘ping’ (without quotes) and press the ‘Enter’ key. If you see the following something similar result, then you are connected with your Linksys WiFi range extender.

Pinging with 32 bytes of data:

Reply from bytes=32 time=1ms TTL=64

    • Reset Your Linksys AC1200 Extender


Press the reset button with the help of a paper pin clip or pointed object. Once the reset is successful, try for Linksys extender setup. Does the issue get fixed? If not, get in touch with our technical advisors and fix all your Linksys AC1200 WiFi range extender.

If still you are struggling with your Linksys extender setup, then straightway get in touch with our technical adviors and allow to fix your WiFi range extender. Even you can interact with our technical experts via live chat support.